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to be relieved by another 'mountie5 who was sleep-
Ing upstairs.

Shortly before eleven that night Corporal Dick-
son decided that he wanted to go off duty a little
early, so he got up from the dimly lighted table at
which he was sitting in the guardroom and took
the butt of his rifle and banged the celling with It
to awake his relief man.

"Come on down!' he shouted ups "I want to go a
little early to-night/

c All right/ answered the other mountie. But In-
stead of coming down he went back to sleep again.

After waiting Impatiently for a few minutes3
Corporal Dickson got up again and banged the
celling, shouting to Ms companion to make haste.
Presently the other mountie came down the stairs
and sleepily took over the midnight vigil. The
relief policeman walked over to a dark corner of
the guardroom and looked carefully at the long
blanketed form of Almighty Voice. He was
lying there with his blanket wrapped around him
from head to foot, apparently sound asleep.

The mountie went back to the table with the
oil lamp on It and sat down. Neither of the
policemen knew this, but all during these pro-
ceedings Almighty Voice had been lying there
with his blanket wrapped half around his head,
with the exposed eye shut and the other peering
out at them from beneath the fold of the blanket.